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New Odometer Disclosure Rule Implementation

The new rule is effective for all transfers after January 1, 2021. Updates for the new rule in DRIVES and ePermitting are part of the V12 update, starting Tuesday, July 6.

All vehicles of model year 2010 and older that are already exempt from odometer disclosure remain exempt. Only vehicles of model year 2011 and newer are subject to the new odometer disclosure period of 20 years.

Model Year 2011 Grace Period
We are aware transactions will be presented for model year 2011 vehicles where the Odometer Disclosure Statement is required under the new rules but is not available because it wasn’t required at the time of sale, including:
•       Vehicles accepted into dealer, registered tow truck operator (RTTO), or auction house inventory.
•       Private party sales where the seller is not in the office with the buyer to transfer title.
•       Mailed in title applications.

The Department of Licensing is providing a grace period for transactions where the trade-in or purchase date is between January 1, 2021 and July 31, 2021.

If the transfer is a private party sale, and the buyer does not have an Odometer Disclosure Statement:
•       If the seller is available, direct the buyer and seller to complete an Odometer Disclosure Statement.
•       If the seller is not available, have only the buyer complete an Odometer Disclosure Statement.

If the transfer is a dealer, RTTO, or auction house sale:
•       If there is a WA record or out-of-state title with the prior odometer disclosure printed on it, enter the last disclosed mileage as the current mileage.
•       If you cannot find the last disclosed mileage, a new odometer between the dealer, RTTO, or auction house and buyer will be required.

Once you’ve completed the transaction, enter a note on the ownership account stating what you’ve done, per Communication 2021: 183-001.

New Odometer Disclosure Statements
The Department of Licensing is working to update the Odometer Disclosure Statement form to reflect this new rule. Until the new forms are available continue to use the existing form. You should inform customers about the new disclosure period when you provide them with the form.

If you have questions, please contact VVO Support.