Off-Site Delivery of a Vehicle

EHB 1049 – Off-site Delivery of a Vehicle

Bill Overview

During the 2021 legislative session, the Washington State legislature passed Engrossed House Bill 1049 concerning the off-site delivery of a vehicle by a vehicle dealer licensed under RCW 46.70. This bill will now allow motor vehicle dealers to:

  • Deliver vehicles to consumers at a location other than their established place of business for inspections, test drives, purchases, or leases.
  • Requires dealers to disclose to purchasers or lessees in writing that they have no right to cancel a contract when it is sold at a location other than the dealer's established place of business.

Auto Dealer Responsibilities

This new ability to conduct remote vehicle sales or delivery does not eliminate the requirements for an Established Place of Business, these must continue to be maintained.

If a sale or lease is conducted off-site and a hard copy permit is issued, this information must be submitted into the E-permit system within 24 hours.

Auto dealers must ensure their bond coverage is adequate for remote sales, leases, or transactions outside of their established place of business.

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