The WSIADA Mac Ruddell Scholarship Program


Mac Ruddell was born into a dealership family in Port Angeles, Washington, working for his father until he could purchase land to start his dealership across the street from his father’s. He was a likable, friendly man everyone spoke highly of in the community. Mac would be seen in a shirt and tie, taking the time with customers to change bulbs for indicator lights on the car they purchased from his dealership.

He always wanted people to succeed by donating to charities and vocational schools and helping other dealers in the area to better their businesses. Mac joined the WSIADA in the mid-1970s with the Peninsula Chapter and eventually became the President of the Association from 1978 to 1980. In 1983, he won the National Quality

Dealer Award with the NIADA for his work and dedication. Mac remained a staple of the Association until his unexpected passing in November 2001.

In honor of all that Mac had done for the association and his fellow dealers, the WSIADA created the Mac Ruddell Scholarship Program in 2004 to help with the cost of attending college for the child or grandchild of dealers who are members of the Association.

Mac would be proud to learn that as of 2023, the program has given over $116,500 to more than 94 college-bound students.

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What is the application deadline?
February 16, 2024

How does one apply?
Fill out the scholarship application above and send it in. All instructions are with the application to get a student started.

Newest Recipient

Blaine Granberg

Blaine Granberg

Sponsor:  Pacific Coast Auto Center, Burlington WA
College: Northwest Nazarene
Graduated: Studying

"Thank you WSIADA for the Mac Ruddell Scholarship. I'm honored to receive and use this award to continue my education and basketball career" - Blaine

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Be a son, daughter or grandchild of WSIADA Member in good standing;
  • Applicants may only receive the scholarship one time;
  • Be a high school senior or college freshman;
  • Have an excellent high school record of academic achievement measured by your performance in valid secondary school courses including English, Mathematics,
    Physical Science and Social Sciences;
  • Demonstrate an aptitude for college work which will be measured by performance on college entrance exams, including the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) if taken; and;
  • Demonstrate involvement in extra curricular activities such as athletics, art, community service.

How to Donate


Send a check 

Attn: Mac Ruddell Scholarship
707 Auburn Way S
Auburn WA 98002