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Continuing Education

Are there more than one option to doing Continuing Education?

There are several options for getting your Continuing Education that are listed on the Education webpage here on our site.

How many hours a year do we have to complete for Continuing Education?

Five hours is required by the State of Washington for your dealership renewal under RCW 46.70.079 Section 1b.

If I have more than five hours, can they carry over to the next year?

No, once your five hours is reported to the state whatever remaining is ineligible for following year.

Is education free with membership?

We include education with the membership but you must attend at least one chapter meeting for this option.

You’re more expensive than the other education group, why should I pay more for your Continuing Education?

Quality of service. We speak with Department of Licensing and other state agencies on a daily basis to ensure our education meets and exceeds the compliance requirements for dealers.