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New Dealer Education

Can I do New Dealer Education online?

No, New Dealer Education is a live, in person, class required by the State of Washington

Do I really need commercial property or can I use my home as an office?

Yes and no

Do you have New Dealer Education classes in other parts of the state?

Currently, we only hold the classes monthly in Auburn or every other month in Spokane.

How can I get a Wholesale Dealer license in Washington?

There is no Wholesale License available as of 2019 for new dealers.

How long is the New Dealer Education good for?

The certificate you receive at the end of class will be good for one year however we recommend you update the certificate before it expires if you have not opened your business at that time.

If I do New Dealer Education class does that automatically make me a dealer?

No, you have to complete the dealer’s checklist, in addition the New Dealer Education class, to be issued your dealer identification and plate numbers.

Why do I need New Dealer Education for a dealer license?

New Dealer Education is a requirement by the State of Washington to teach prospective dealers the laws, forms and requirements for creating a successful dealership as required by RCW 46.70.079 Section 1a.