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Filing a Report

Unlicensed Dealer:

Regular citizens may privately sell a maximum of 5 vehicles in a calendar year according to Washington State Law RCW 46.70.021 Section 3b.

If a citizen sells over the maximum permitted, they are required to obtain a dealer's license. Otherwise, they are known as Curbstoners, and may receive civil penalties of $1000 per violation and up to 364 days in jail. The law against Unlicensed Dealer/Curbstoners has been effective since 1986 RCW 46.70.115. This law is meant to prevent fraud, and impositions and protect the investments of the citizens of the state.

Filing a complaint against an Unlicensed Dealer is easy and available for any individual interested. The report is confidential between our Association and the Department of Licensing.

Filing a Report


The Washington State Independent Auto Dealers Association's primary purpose is to support the Independent Auto Dealerships in the state. From time to time, consumers call to report negative experiences they have had with Washington State Dealers.

We always recommend that you return to the dealer where you purchased the vehicle, they are in the best position to resolve your issues. If your issue isnt resolved with the dealer directly, contact the Consumer Division of the Attorney General's office and not with the Association. You can always file a complaint with their office.