Your continued success is important.

Under RCW 46.70.079 (1)(b), Washington State requires dealerships with Motor Vehicle Dealer or Vehicle Manufacturer endorsement to complete 5 hours of continuing education each year to renew their license. It's recommended that dealerships complete their Continuing Education at least three weeks before the business license expiration date to ensure that your dealership is issued your tabs on time

Continuing Education
Title Workshop
(3 Hours)
$175 $125
Continuing Education*
(5 hours)
$150 Included
Regional Education Fairs
(5 Hours)
$175 $50
Attend Chapter Meeting plus 2 Quizzes
(5 Hours)
$75 Included
Attend 2 Chapter Meetings
(5 Hours)
$100 Included

*If a dealership has purchased Continuing Education within 30 days and enrolls in the association, we will credit $150 to membership dues.