How do I cancel my membership?

If you have utilized any of the member benefits (Dealer Hotline, 10% discount, etc), you would not be able to cancel your membership until the end of the year cycle is completed and simply request not to renew.

How long is the membership good for?

Each membership is always one calendar year (for example January 2023 to January 2024) for each dealers number. 

I have a membership but another dealer wants to use my discounts. Is that allowed?

A purchased membership is only good for the registered dealership license number, if another uses it and they aren’t a part of your dealership, you could have your membership revoked.

My account is suspended but I'm a member. Why can't I purchase anything?

If your account is placed on a suspended status, it means that your dealership has outstanding bills on file which needs to be cleared before your suspension is lifted. Accounting sends invoices by email and through regular mail to dealerships. Finance charges will be added after a certain point of non-payment.

What is billing option for membership?

Annual membership includes several benefits but Billing (Invoicing) is one of the popular options*. You can purchase products online or in our retail locations, take the products right there and recieve a bill from our accounting department a week later to pay. 

*All Education items are exempt from Billing (Invoicing).

What payment options are there for membership?

We offer annual payment and monthly-membership payment plan options. Monthly Membership is a 12-month contract. Both options can be paid with debit/credit cards. Check payments are only available for the annual payment.