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New Dealer Education

Why do I need New Dealer Education for a dealer license?

New Dealer Education is a requirement by the State of Washington to teach prospective dealers the laws, forms and requirements for creating a successful dealership as required by RCW 46.70.079 Section 1a.

Is New Dealer Education available online?

Yes, we provide this course live through webinar. Prior to Covid-19, New Dealer Education was a live, in person, class required by the State of Washington.

Do I really need commercial property or can I use my home as an office?

Washington State requires that dealerships be in a commercial zoned property with utilities attached. Homes would not follow this requirement.

Do you have New Dealer Education classes in other parts of the state?

Currently, we do not provide this course other than through webinar online since the pandemic began. Prior to the pandemic, and possibly after, we may provide courses again in Auburn and Spokane depending on the interest.

How can I get a Wholesale Dealer license in Washington?

Washington State eliminated the Wholesale Dealer Endorsement for new dealers in 2018. There are no plans currently to reinstate this license endorsement.

How long does it take to open a dealership?

It can take a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to have a dealer license issued by Washington State. The longest on record is 15 weeks to get a license due to mistakes in the application process. Each mistake is nearly a week turnaround time to correct.

How long is the New Dealer Education valid?

The certificate you receive at the end of class will be good for one year only. We recommend you update the certificate before it expires if you have not opened your business at that time. If your certificate has expired more than three months, you will be required to retake the course in its entirety.

If I do New Dealer Education class does that automatically make me a dealer?

No, the New Dealer Education is the first step in the process for getting your license endorsements. We provide you with all the details, directions, and information that you will need to create your dealership as efficiently and cost effective as possible.

Why do I have to take New Dealer Education if I have opened a dealership already?

The New Dealer Education certificate is specifically for one dealership to be established. Each state application for business establishment is considered a new status and requires the class to be taken, unless they are under the same Entity/UBI that is previously established. Once an individual has created their business, the certificate is void from further usages.