Why do I need New Dealer Education for a dealer license?

New Dealer Education is a requirement by the State of Washington to teach prospective dealers the laws, forms and requirements for creating a successful dealership as required by RCW 46.70.079 Section 1a.

Is New Dealer Education available online?

Absolutely, we provide this course live through remote learning platforms.

Prior to the 2020 Pandemic, New Dealer Education was a live, in-person, class required by the State of Washington.

What is the Dealer Hotline?

The WSIADA Dealer's Hotline is a membership benefit that allows active members to contact our association to ask questions concerning their business. Answers can take 1 to 2 business days depending on severity.

Are there more than one option to doing Continuing Education?

There are several options for getting your Continuing Education that are listed on the Education webpage here on our site.

Do I really need commercial property or can I use my home as an office?

Washington State requires that dealerships be in a commercial zoned property with utilities attached. Homes would not follow this requirement.

Do we have to pay to attend Chapter Meetings?

You may attend a Chapter meeting for free. For the education credits to be applied to your dealership, non-members will need to pay a fee of $50 but this option is included for members of the Association.

Do you have New Dealer Education classes in other parts of the state?

Currently, we do not provide this course other than through webinar online since the pandemic began. Prior to the pandemic, and possibly after, we may provide courses again in Auburn and Spokane depending on the interest.

Do you take Cash?

We are not set up for cash transactions. We only accept Debit/Credit Cards on our webstore or cheques at our retail locations.

How can I get a Wholesale Dealer endorsement in Washington?

Washington State eliminated the Wholesale Dealer endorsement for new dealers in 2018. There are no plans currently to reinstate this license endorsement.

Under the Motor Vehicle Dealer endorsement, Washington dealers may wholesale partially but must maintain retail guidelines.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you have utilized any of the member benefits (Dealer Hotline, 10% discount, etc), you would not be able to cancel your membership until the end of the year cycle is completed and simply request not to renew.

How do we earn education credits by attending meetings?

Each dealership can earn 3 hours of Education credits toward their next renewal cycle. Association Membership will have the credits automatically applied. A $50 fee for non-members of the Association would be required to apply the credits to the dealership. Note: Multiple personnel attending from the same dealership will only recieve one issuing of the credit.

How long does it take to open a dealership?

It can take a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to have a dealer endorsement issued by Washington State once the Business license is created.

The longest on record is 15 weeks to get a license due to mistakes in the application process. Each mistake is a week turnaround time to correct.

How long is the membership good for?

Each membership is always one calendar year (for example January 2023 to January 2024) for each dealers number. 

How long is the New Dealer Education valid?

The certificate you receive at the end of class will be good for one year only. We recommend you update the certificate before it expires if you have not opened your business at that time. If your certificate has expired more than three months, you will be required to retake the course in its entirety.

How many Chapters are there?

There are currently seven active chapters in WSIADA.: Vancouver, Tri-Cities, Yakima, Spokane, South Sound, North Sound and North Cascade Chapters. 

How many hours a year do we have to complete for Continuing Education?

Five hours is required by the State of Washington for your dealership renewal under RCW 46.70.079 Section 1b.

I can’t find our login and password for the store. How can I find it?

If you have an account already on file, find the ‘My Account’ feature on the page and you will find how to recover or reset your access. If you don't have an account, you will need to create one.

I have a membership but another dealer wants to use my discounts. Is that allowed?

A purchased membership is only good for the registered dealership license number, if another uses it and they aren’t a part of your dealership, you could have your membership revoked.

I have a real important question but I'm not a member.

Dealer Hotline is strictly for active members of the association. If you have a question, you can sign up for membership during the call or we will direct you to a Washington State Agency that can help you.

I purchased the wrong product, how can I return it?

You can return the product if it is unopened for in store credit.

If I do New Dealer Education class does that automatically make me a dealer?

The New Dealer Education is the first step in the process for getting your license endorsements. We provide you with all the details, directions, and information that you will need to create your dealership as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

If I have more than five hours, can they carry over to the next year?

No, once your five hours is reported to the state whatever remaining is ineligible for following year.

Is education free with membership?

We include education with the membership with variable options. Events still have discounted fees for members

Is there free shipping for a certain size purchase?

Unfortunately, not at this time

My account is suspended but I'm a member. Why can't I purchase anything?

If your account is placed on a suspended status, it means that your dealership has outstanding bills on file which needs to be cleared before your suspension is lifted. Accounting sends invoices by email and through regular mail to dealerships. Finance charges will be added after a certain point of non-payment.

My bank statement says you charged me multiple times for my purchase. How can I get my money back?

Each time your debit or credit card is run, your bank logs the attempts in their system whether its a successful transaction or denied. These will drop off the log after 24 hours usually.

What if there isn’t a Chapter in my area?

Most dealerships in remote areas are given an overlap option for chapters. If youre not able to attend one meeting, you can always attend a different location if traveling is an option.

What information is brought to Chapter Meetings?

Topics can vary from meeting to meeting. Most meetings include current changes in laws that affect dealers, news from the Board of Directors, plus more to help dealers be more successful.

What is billing option for membership?

Annual membership includes several benefits but Billing (Invoicing) is one of the popular options*. You can purchase products online or in our retail locations, take the products right there and recieve a bill from our accounting department a week later to pay. 

*All Education items are exempt from Billing (Invoicing).

What payment options are there for membership?

We offer annual payment and monthly-membership payment plan options. Monthly Membership is a 12-month contract. Both options can be paid with debit/credit cards. Check payments are only available for the annual payment.

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