What's involved in joining the Chapter leadership?

There are several positions available in each Chapter: President and Secretary. To become a Chapter President, you must be the Dealer Principal, be in business a minimum of two years and would be voted on by the WSIADA Board of Directors. The role of a Chapter President is to work within the chapter to guide the other dealerships that have questions or concerns for the WSIADA.

When are Chapter meetings?

Each Chapter has two meetings per year in the Spring and Fall. All dealerships are welcome to attend. We attempt to alternate between morning and evening times to allow for dealers schedules.

When I place an order, how long will it take to get to my location?

All shipments are via FedEx Ground and generally arrive within 1 to 2 business days unless ordered over a weekend, holiday, or weather-related delays.

Why do I have to take New Dealer Education if I have opened a dealership already?

The New Dealer Education certificate is specifically for one dealership to be established. Each state application for business establishment is considered a new status and requires the class to be taken, unless they are under the same Entity/UBI that is previously established. Once an individual has created their business, the certificate is void from further usages. 

You’re more expensive than the other education group, why should I pay more for your Continuing Education?

The Association has been dedicated to independent auto dealers for over 60 years and provides the best quality of service available.

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