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Proposed HB2373 - Classic Car Tab Changes

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 Classic car tabs increase 
The Department of Licensing is introducing House Bill 2373 (HB2373) in the House Transportation Committee. This bill will require you to register (pay tabs) on your collector cars every five years rather than only once per lifetime of current owner.  This bill will significantly increase the cost of your collector cars tabs, this bill will pass without you voicing your objection to this increase. The vote takes place on Monday, February 10th and they need to hear from you ASAP.  Please contact as many of the committee members and let them know to vote NO on HB2373.  Here is a link to the committee directory and a link to the proposed change in the bill. 

Please be brief, direct, and polite when leaving a message. You are free to use your own words or try a variation of the following script:
Hello my name is [Name], I'm contacting you to request that you vote NO on House Bill 2373 that require classic cars to be registered every five years, rather than only once per lifetime of current owner. Classic cars are rarely driven and this is an unfair burden to those of us that only take the cars out for a drive a few times a year. Thank you.