Temporary Permit update information for July 1, 2023 rollout

Attention Dealers,

The Department of Licensing has released additional information on the upcoming changes to the new temporary permit paper for the DRIVES (e-Permit) System in July. Some of the answers are based on feedback and questions by dealers at our recent Chapter Meetings which we provided to the Department of Licensing.

Temp Paper will be available through the WSIADA webstore in quantities of 100 and 500 case options by June 1, 2023. We will send an announcement when it is available for purchase.

Thank you,
WSIADA staff

Important Dates
June 29, 2023 – Temporary license plates will replace temporary permits generated in the e-permitting system.
July 14, 2023 – Last day to issue existing paper dealer temporary permits.
July 15, 2023 – Last day to assign paper permits to a vehicle transaction.
September 1, 2023 – All dealer temporary permits remaining on a vehicle are considered invalid.

The existing e-permitting system will begin issuing the new temporary license plates on June 29, 2023.  There is no workaround, manual process, or alternate method to generate temporary permits in the e-permitting system on or after this date.  Any unused paper dealer temporary permits in a dealer’s possession may be issued for valid purposes until 11:59pm PST on July 14, 2023, and are required to be registered in the system within 24 hours.  Paper dealer temporary permits still affixed to a vehicle on September 1, 2023, will be deemed invalid.

This statewide change is a new process for all vehicle dealers, county auditors and sub-agents.  Required customer fees remain the same.  

Temporary License Plate Requirements and Process Changes
Temporary license plates must be printed on durable paper (remain unaltered in field conditions for a minimum of four months). Customers will receive up to two temporary license plates – one for the front and one for the back, dependent on standard vehicle plating requirements – and are placed outside the vehicle where permanent plates will be located.  Current samples of the design of these plates are attached, subject to minor changes before launch.

To replace the previous paper dealer temporary permits (that were filled out by hand), a new “Unassigned temporary license plate” will be available through e-permitting.  These plates are intended to be generated and printed in advance and must be filled out when placed on a vehicle.  Unassigned temporary license plates must be registered with DOL within 24 hours of issuance to a vehicle.  Unassigned temporary license plates are to be printed on the same durable paper to meet the statute requirements.

 Additional information: 

  • Printing new temporary license plates will be through the e-permitting system, as it is today.
  • Unused existing e-permitting credits will be retained in the dealer’s account and may be used for the new temporary license plate beginning June 29, 2023. 
  • Unassigned temporary license plates will also be made available to purchase and print through e-permitting, and do not require a vehicle transaction to obtain.
  • Similar to dealer license plates, unassigned temporary license plates will be available in limited quantities.  Information on how to request a higher limit will be provided at a later date.
  • New online self-service purchasing of e-permitting credit and unassigned temporary license plates will be available at launch inside the e-permitting system. Please note: this is a new feature being added – you will still be able to purchase and add credit to e-permitting at your local licensing office, but using online self-service is preferred.
  • DOL does not currently recommend any specific paper or ink supplier or product. 

Paper and Ink requirements: 

  • Paper should be manufactured and sold specifically for the purpose of temporary license plates. 
  • 8.5” x 11” size (Full-size plate will be 6” x 11” with a 2.5” x 11” tear-off containing additional information.) 
  • White stock (matte finish preferred, but not required.) 
  • Prior to printing, sheets should be blank, no security features required. 
  • Ink should be indelible when printed on the temporary license plate paper stock and of a quality to withstand prolonged exposure to weather.