Update: HB 1184 House Consumer Protection & Business Committee

On Wednesday, January 18, 2023, the House Consumer Protection & Business Committee had a public hearing at 1:30 pm on the proposed HB 1184 Express Warranty for Used Cars bill. 

During the meeting, the bill's sponsor Representative Hackney* (11th District), discussed the reasons behind having the bill passed with representatives of the Attorney General's office, NAACP, Latina Association, and WSADA Representatives testifying in support of the bill passing.

The Association attended the meeting with several dealers, including WSIADA Executive Board members, to testify against the bill and what the outcome would be for Independent Auto Dealers.

Additional opposition testimony included Washington Retail Association, DAA Northwest in Spokane, and Trucks & Autos Auctions in Pasco as to the effects this bill would have on Independent Auto Dealers as well as auctions.

You may view the proceedings with the video attached. 

By the end of the committee meeting, it was felt by the Association that the bill would not pass the committee as it is written with the number of questions presented by Committee members to the Attorney General's Office representatives panel and the information brought by the dealers against.

The opposition to this bill was greater than the pros. With six testimonies against and 30 CONS registered online versus seven testimonies and five PROS registered online.

We also want to thank Rachel Frankel (Top Auto Brokers) in Vancouver and Ray Stebbins (A To B Auto, Inc) of Tacoma for attending the meeting in person.

This does not mean the bill is dead yet. We must continue to contact our local legislators to ensure the bill does not progress any further. We will provide more updates as they come through.

*This version corrects Representative Hackney's name that was unintentionally misspelled.