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legislativePowerful Advocacy
WSIADA is the only state association representing the collective interests of independent car dealers in Washington. WSIADA staff and its seasoned lobbyists enjoy key relationships with state agencies and state legislative leadership that impact the policies that affect used car dealers. The collective clout of WSIADA and its members enables independent dealers to speak with one strong, unified voice.

WSIADA legislative and regulatory advocacy on behalf of its members has a history of accomplishments and legislative successes over the years. WSIADA keeps its members informed year-round on legislative regulatory issues so they can get involved at the grassroots level and effect positive outcomes for the industry. We strongly encourage you to get involved today.

Getting Results from a Team You Can Trust
With a combination of expertise, energy, time, resources, and effective relationships, our team makes up one of the strongest government affairs firms in the state. Since coming together, we have represented many clients with unique and complicated legislative and business needs and have been very successful in achieving our clients’ objectives. This includes the areas of legislation, budget matters, business development, procurement, and other types of requests from clients.

General WSIADA Legislative Policies

  • WSIADA supports legislative changes that improve and enhance the dealer licensing process and promote honesty and fair dealing while protecting Washington dealers from unfair competition from unlicensed individuals.
  • WSIADA opposes unnecessary regulation that creates paperwork and manpower burdens on law-abiding dealers without providing corresponding benefits to the industry and the public.
  • WSIADA supports measures that enhance government efficiency and maximize benefits to Washington’s citizens and the industry at the lowest cost.
  • WSIADA supports measures that increase enforcement efforts against those who operate in the industry illegally, unlicensed, and who defraud dealers and the public.
  • WSIADA supports measures that increase enforcement of current laws.
  • WSIADA opposes any measure that would impede the ability of a dealer to operate a lawful business while providing affordable and reliable transportation to hard working people in Washington who otherwise may not be able to obtain transportation to go back and forth to work.
  • WSIADA supports any measure that encourages the American system of free enterprise.