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WSIADA offers a host of resources for members.

*Curbstoner Complaint: Dealers and consumers alike can file a complaint against individuals who are not licensed properly with Washington State but attempt to conduct business as a dealer. The reports are sent directly to the Executive Director of the WSIADA for immediate relay to the appropriate state officials.

*WSIADA Blog/Dealer Alerts: Information is vital for the success of a dealership. The WSIADA Blog offers dealers information on changes in regards to state agencies that would affect operations of dealerships in Washington State.

*the Front Row Library: An online archive of the WSIADA past magazines, quizzes and general knowledge that assists dealers and their staff in driving sales.

*WSIADA Mac Ruddell Scholarship: Dealer Principal’s that have children or grandchildren preparing to go to college may apply for a scholarship to assist achieve their goals for a promising career.