Vehicle Certificate of Ownership (Title) Application

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The Washington State Department of Licensing Vehicle Certificate of Ownership (Title) Application form transfers ownership of a vehicle, and must be used with the online e-permitting system.
 Disclaimer: Per RCW 46.16A.300: “The department shall provide access to a secure system that allows temporary permits issued by vehicle dealers properly licensed under chapters 46.03, 46.10, and 46.70 RCW to be generated and printed on demand. By July 1, 2011, all such permits must be generated using the designated system.” 

Accordingly, Vehicle Certificate of Ownership (Title) Application version TD-420-001 (R/11/13)WA should not be used for most applications for title. WSIADA recommends that dealers only use the above referenced form in the following scenarios: 

  • To process a TPO (Title Purposes Only) into a dealer's name. 
  • When transferring a title to a retail buyer that is being immediately transferred. In this scenario, the customer shall not take delivery until the new plates are affixed to the vehicle. 
  • To make a correction(s) to an application for title that is not yet transferred (IE: an E-Permit was already printed and significant errors were made). In this scenario, WSIADA suggests submitting both applications along with a Certificate of Fact explaining that the error occurred. 

This product may not be the most current version available by the Washington State Department of Licensing. It may not be returned or exchanged. 

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