Your continued success is important.

WSIADA is the premier provider of dealer education in Washington State.

Under RCW 46.70.079 (section 1b), Washington State requires dealerships with Motor Vehicle Dealer or Vehicle Manufacturer endorsement to complete 5 hours of continuing education each year to renew their license. It's recommended that dealerships complete their Continuing Education at least three weeks before the business license expiration date to ensure that your dealership is issued your tabs on time.

We offer instructor-led training classes with Title Workshop, and Chapter Meetings that are geared toward Washington State laws with surrounding state information.

All registrations are done through our website.

All options below give your dealership education credits toward your required annual license renewal with Washington State.

As an active dealer, you’ll find membership in WSIADA of great value and will rely on the association and its top-notch programs for continuing education opportunities.


wsiada magazinecoversContinuing Education (5 Quiz)
Most commonly chosen option for a busy dealership.

Within each copy of the WSIADA's publication, the Front Row, there is a quiz that can be taken and turned into our office throughout the year. It can be purchased easily through our Webstore and the materials are attached to your receipt upon purchase. **Active Membership includes this option for Continuing Education beginning 01/01/2021.

Those dealerships that would like to have the Front Row magazines mailed to them, with additional postage fees, please contact the Education Department for shipment.

Title WorkshopTitle Workshop onWSIADAgrdnt
A comprehensive workshop that teaches Title Clerk's, and other important dealership positions, on how to properly execute and complete transactions according to Washington State and US Federal requirements.

We also go through common errors that dealerships can make as well as understanding how to properly record, retain documentation for dealerships and private party sales. 

Chapter MeetingsChapter Meeting
Washington State is a very large state with dealerships in nearly all parts of it. WSIADA understands that there are some dealerships that are small with single operators and dealerships that are large with 10 or more individuals working but are unable to come to our office for physical training options.

Our Association has split the state into seven Chapters and we provide each chapter with two meetings a year in their area that permits small or large dealerships the opportunity to meet with each other or ask questions and learn from the Association.