The Front Row

Washington State Independent Auto Dealers Association has published the Front Row magazine for over 20 years. Dealerships are given access to information that can assist in business growth, changes in Washington State laws and policies, and provide an opportunity for continuing education. 

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Newest Online Publication

October 2023 - Reputation is Paramount
September 2023 - Hard Lessons In Transition to New Synthetic Paper
August 2023 - HB 1970's New Temp Permit Paper Makes Its Debut in July
July 2023 - 7 Steps to Grow Your Used Car Dealership & Boost Profits
June 2023 - Education Fair East
May 2023 - WSIADA Launches New Website
April 2023 - Accidents by the Numbers
March 2023 - Defeating the Used Motor Vehicles Express Warranties Act
February 2023 - What to expect in the car market in 2023?
January 2023 - Cybercrime in Automotive
December 2022 - Safeguard Compliance
November 2022 - Annual Convention