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Used Car dealers

Becoming an independent auto dealer in Washington is very in-depth and labor intensive that the Association is here to help prospective dealers with navigating with as little stress as possible. It can be overwhelming, costly and time consuming if done improperly.

The initial step to becoming an independent auto dealer is attending the New Dealer Education class before attempting the Dealer’s Checklist provided below to ensure everything is done correctly.

The New Dealer Education class is a required 8-hour course that teaches potential dealers how to build their new company, regulations and requirements in the State of Washington to buy, sell and trade vehicles and how to grow your business once established RCW 46.70.079.

At the end of the class, attendees will receive a certificate that is a required step toward having a license issued.

New Dealer Education breaks down the following to help prospective dealers in establishing and operating an independent auto dealership within Washington State. Business structure, bond requirements, leasing options, and banking requirements are all part of the training before we delve into the daily operations, procedures and forms that the State of Washington will require of your business.

There are several types of dealership licenses that a potential dealer can select from but the most common is the Motor Vehicle Dealer license which will allow the dealership to buy/sell/trade motor vehicles. Visit Vehicle/Vessel dealers license for a more detailed list of licenses available.

Click here to view DOL New Dealer Information   Click here to view New Dealer Education Checklist

Registration for the each class is done online through the calendar provided, there are two pages to complete the registration. Each person that attends must be registered for the class. Once the registration is completed, you will receive a copy of the confirmation in your email. Credit cards are only accepted for online registration.

The Association will help prospective dealers in establishing the dealership with the option of meeting with the instructor of the class when preparing to file the required paperwork. Once the dealership has a dealer number issued and is not an active member of the Association, your questions will be sent over to Dealer Services to be answered.

The Association understands that attending this class during a weekday is stressing. We will provide lunch for the registered attendees as well as two to three speakers who will discuss what they can offer your dealership’s establishment and growth.