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Health Care Information:

  • The health plans can include medical, dental and vision.
  • The insurance carrier for the health care is Premera Blue Cross which will have over 50 plan options available.
  • This is an employer-sponsored group insurance with great plans and pricing.
  • The dealership must share in the cost of each employee that signs up: 75% contribution is the minimum.

Example: if a plan is $500 per employee per month, the employer will pay $375 for each employee that signs up on the plan. The employee will be responsible for the other 25% or $125 which will be a payroll deduction.

  • The dealership can choose to start their health plan on the 1st of any month they choose.
    • Every health plan will renew each year on October 1st regardless of when an auto dealer started the plan.
    • The dealership will be able to select up to two plans for the employees to choose from.
  • WAIA only offers ACA qualified health plans.
    • The benefits within a plan offered by WAIA are typically richer than a plan of similar cost directly from the carrier.
    • This is because of the buying power given to the members. This enables a small business to purchase the same quality health plan that a large employer can.
  • This is a potential tax benefit for the dealership to invest with.
Premera Blue Cross