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Reminder: Title Application Announcement

Alterations made to dealer title applications are increasing the number of title applications rejected by the Department of Licensing (DOL) in Olympia.

We are clarifying what is acceptable and what is required in the event of an alteration.

DOL considers a typed dealer title application altered when it contains handwritten or stamped (non-signature) vital or important information.

Here are three examples:

  • Crossing out a lienholder and adding a different lienholder
  • Handwriting or stamping a lienholder on a typed and printed application
  • Handwriting a Lessee or Lessor on a typed and printed application

The following is critical for you to know because it can affect your customer.

If alterations are made to a title application, the dealer must complete a Certificate of Fact (COF) that includes the vehicle or vessel information, an
explanation of the alteration, and a signature. If a COF is not included with the title application, DOL will not release the title.

Start Date
Dealers must attach a COF to all altered title applications by April 1, 2018. Vehicle licensing offices will not process these transactions without a COF
and DOL will reject title applications from dealers that do not meet this requirement.

Please contact a vehicle licensing office for additional details or questions.