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Report of Sale and Transfer of Ownership Information

We have been spreading the word on this 2017 decision in a variety of settings, but missed getting it out in a Dealer Alert.  Our apologies.

On July 1, 2017 Report of Sale and Transitional Ownership Transactions filing fees increased to $8.75. The fee is related to passed legislation in 2015, SB 5987. The fees (service $5.00, filing $3.00, license plate technology $0.25 and license services $0.50) already apply to other titling and registration transactions and will now apply to Report of Sale and Transitional Ownership Transactions.

Report of Sale should be filed whenever an owner sells or gives up ownership of a vehicle (including cars, trucks, motorcycles, registered off-road vehicles, and trailers). It is the registered owner’s legal responsibility to file.

Transitional Ownership Transactions (TOD) is to perfect security interests in vehicles in a timely manner when the certificate of title is not available at the time the security interest is created. This is not required by the Department of Licensing. It is not a DOL form. Use of the TOD does not take place of the dealer’s responsibility to transfer title on vehicles within 45 days.

Using a TOD as a way to report the sale of vehicle to another dealer is an improper way to use the TOD. To report the sale of vehicle to another dealer the Report of Sale can be used. Incomplete and incorrect TOD forms will not be accepted by department.

For additional information on Report of Sale see RCW 46.12.650 (2)Transitional Ownership see RCW 46.12.660.