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Dealer Alerts


8300 rule

8300 rule

We have received several inquiries on combination issues, cash plus cashier's checks and travelers checks.  Remember, if cash less than $10,000 is combined with cashier's checks or travelers checks less then $10,000 and the total comes to greater than $10,000, you must file an 8300.  


Advertising a vehicle

Advertising a vehicle
When you are advertising a vehicle, please take extreme caution to ensure that you advertise that a $150 negotiable documentary service fee may or does apply.  The Attorney General's office has been performing "push reviews" where they randomly check dealer websites. Unlawful acts and practices.    If you do not include wording like, "a negotiable $150 documentary servcie fee may apply" you could be liable for an assessment from the Attorney General's office for fees and costs expended to ensure compliance. 
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